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JVC: Here are disks that are impossible to copy

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The technological community's efforts to study CD copy protection systems are multiplying.

Yesterday is the news that Midbar Tech, the Israeli company that invented Cactus Data Shield, is preparing a second version of its technology aimed at protecting audio discs, today, however, the announcement of JVC, an electronics giant which aims at overall CD protection.

JVC, one of the giants of global electronics, claims to have identified and implemented a system whereby illegal copying of discs becomes impossible. Root, or "Root", this is the name of the system, is based on a key for encoding the content of the disk which must be read and interpreted to allow access to its content.

"Since the key studied in such a way as to be readable from CD-ROM but not to be written by CD-R and CD-RW – they explain to JVC – once copied the disc is not usable"

Copying difficulties are increased by the fact that the different key for each disk is placed in different places each time.

Recall that a few days ago Macity had given news of a company called Doc-Witness and its OpSecure, a system similar in concept to Root but different in construction.

In the case of OpSecure, to protect the contents of the disc would be an integrated chip directly inside the disc whose task is to decode the contents of the CD or DVD.

JV root, which can be used with DVDs but not with audio CDs, already available in Japan and from October will arrive in the USA and subsequently all over the world.