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June of Fire by Blizzard

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The official presentation of WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos, a game destined to become a Must for the current year, with succulent news regarding the marketing and SinglePlayer mode, is these days. But there are also important news in sight also for Diablo II, another best seller published by Blizzard.

The announcement came from Bill Roper, one of Blizzard's managers.

Ropert confirmed that WarCraft III is now imminent. The new adventure will be available to the public from the second half of June, but like the other titles it will not be published in Italian for Mac (Leader will publish the translated version only for PC).

After the 'fish' of April 1st, with which Blizzard has made believe to insert an unlikely race of 'Panda warriors' in the saga, the four races (Humans, Orcs, Night Elves and Undead) will fight both in the server than in single player campaigns, similar to what happened in the previous StarCraft title.

The contemporary release (Mac / PC) a happy news for all the avid frequenters of the virtual arenas, filling that gap of experience, which was usually created with the other titles, in which the Mac version was released qaundo many PC users already they had exceptional places in the rankings.

For those eager to read additional information on the WCIII Single Player campaign GameSpot UK has posted an interesting article on the topic with many unpublished images.

Other news finally also for Diablo II and its expansion, Lord of Destruction, for which a new patch has been announced, called 1.10 (numerical record for Blizzard in a single title) for which there are still no official notes from the house , but that seems to introduce a new mode called Ladder into the Diablo realms of