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John Carmack wants to develop iPhone games

John Carmack wants to develop iPhone games logomacitynet1200wide 1

With a portfolio of titles that includes Doom and Quake and in practice the invention of a new genre of great success, that of first-person shooters, John Carmack one of the living legends of video games. The programmer and co-founder of id Software declared his appreciation for the iPhone platform for game development in an interview published by Macnn.

First of all Carmack admits that he is very sorry for not having any title to publish via the App Store since the launch day but the available resources and the tight deadlines required by Apple have not made it possible. However, the desire remains to develop a title only for iPhone which would represent, in Carmack's words, a real "tour de force" from a graphic point of view. The game that the developer has in mind would very closely recall the first titles made by id Software therefore, in addition to Doom, Castle Wolfenstein and Orcs & Elves.

At this point Carmack illustrates the hardware features of the iPhone that most interest him for his projects. First of all, the memory capacity that, unlike most smartphones, allows you to make games that occupy even tens of MB rather than a few KB, then the remarkable calculation performance. Carmack compares iPhone to the first Xbox and Playstation 2, explaining that the graphics are slightly lower but the memory is definitely higher. In addition to the idea of ??a first-person shooter, the programmer claims to be interested in the development of a multiplayer title but to whom Carmack wants to take small steps, first with limited support to fully face a title playable directly from multiple iPhones in network.

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