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Jobs' tablet sweeps the Internet direct

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Jobs' tablet sweeps the Internet direct – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Even before Steve Jobs went on stage at the Yerba Buena, the traffic generated by the incredibly high number of users brought down the websites and pages dedicated to directing even the most famous portals. The Macitynet news home page was also unreachable for almost the entire duration of the event.

That the tablet was a device long awaited by many was clear since the past months and days: the volume of rumors and advances has never reached the heights reached by iPad all over the world. The first signs of the attack on the Net appeared evident when reporters in San Francisco were still lined up at the entrance to the Yerba Buena. Updating the Macitynet page and also that of the direct from Frisco was a very long operation.

The same symptoms were found not only for Macitynet but also for most of the world's most famous websites that deal with Apple or technology in general. When Steve Jobs took the stage, Macitynet's home page was very difficult to reach throughout the day; our two servants went more crashed, we then had to lower the number of contemporary users. The live page, despite some slowdowns, miraculously resisted the immense amount of traffic generated by users even if even the Coverit live technology, designed to lighten traffic and send news in push, was put off for several minutes by the amount of sites that l have adopted.

ArsTechnica and also other famous sites dedicated to the Mac world, for example we remember Appleinsider, have seen the collapse of the section with Coverit live. In some cases the direct lines have been suspended. But even sites with very high traffic capacity such as Gizmodo and Engadget that normally bear traffic tens of times higher than ours were repeatedly unreachable during the evening, an unheard of and almost unthinkable fact.

In the next few hours, it is very likely that the traffic and access data will be disclosed, but as of now, the media success of iPad appears unprecedented. Never before has an Apple event generated so many expectations and then so many readers eager to know immediately the details of a new Apple device. From this point of view, iPad is already an incredible success, sanctioned even before iPad reaches store shelves and then ends up in the hands of impatient users.

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