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Jobs: "PA Semi cares for iPod and iPhone"

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The acquisition of PA Semi has nothing to do with Apple's computer sector but stems from the desire to have experts in the sector of low-consumption processors at home that can be used for portable devices such as iPods and iPhones. This time, in the swirling of rumors of the past few days after the announcement of the acquisition of PA Semi, confirming what several sites had already suspected Steve Jobs.

The head of Apple had the opportunity to reiterate that nothing changed in the commercial relationship with the Santa Clara company in the margins of the presentation of the tax results. By exchanging a few words with the reporters of the Wall Street Journal, Jobs effectively wiped out any 'conspiracy' hypothesis, starting with the one that started with the purchase of the Californian company to launch messages on the possible end of the partnership with Intel.

"Our relationship with Intel – said Jobs – is excellent and we hope it will last forever." The CEO then specified that, in fact, the purchase of PA Semi has nothing to do with the computer sector but is aimed at the market for pocket devices, iPhones and iPods in particular. The goal of the Apple, as claimed by various sources, was to 'bring home' expert minds in the field of low-consumption processors. From what is understood it is not even said that Apple wants to design processors on its own, when to be able to supply elements to its partners for customized processors which, Jobs underlines, has already happened in the past.

Therefore, it is wrong to believe that Apple is willing to go back to the ancient world and put PowerPc processors on its machines (as are those designed by PA Semi). 'If I were you – Jobs said – I wouldn't be too busy wasting my time. We are more than satisfied with our relationship with Intel