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Jobs: «eMac opportunity not to be missed»

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Jobs: eMac opportunity not to be missed – logomacitynet1200wide 1

On the occasion of the release of the QT 6.0 preview and the presentation of eMac as a 'universal' product available for all Apple customers, Jobs 'confesses' in a long interview with C / Net, revealing some implications of the strategies that emerged during the course of the last few days. Important details emerge on the reasons that led to the presentation of eMac and its general availability. Jobs admits that this is a choice related to the higher than expected costs of the iMac LCD and that they have free space (or perhaps required) the presentation of a lower cost product. We had declared the CRTs dead 'says Jobs' but the liquid crystal display market did not offer us the necessary cooperation. So you created a space below for a machine with a cost of $ 300 less than that of the iMac'Interpellato from the interviewer about the sales level of the iMac LCD Jobs has no doubts: Sales are fine, he replied concisely the CEO of Apple.Jobs does not fail to also enhance the choice of adopting MPEG-4 as the standard for video compression in QT. Does it have exceptional quality, 'says Jobs' and allows the streaming of images using a third of the band? It is a universal system around which great interest is growing. After our announcement, Real also said it would support MPEG-4, cell phone companies will adopt it. Do not miss a hit to Microsoft: Who has not yet decided to support Microsoft MPEG-4 that hopes to tow its Corona. But MPEG-4 superior to Corona, of which, however, a preview or a beta has not yet been seen, even if they say that they will present it by the end of the year Jobs then during the interview enhances the choices in terms of open standards adopted by Apple over the past few years. Apple technologies are based on PDF and OpenGL; also the basis of our Open Source operating system since we use FreeBSD. The communication standards are also 'open'. We believe in this system that is providing us with feedback; many realities that did not deserve a glance now turn to us and we conquer the market

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