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Jobs, eMac designed to order

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Jobs, eMac designed to order – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new eMac was built and designed following the instructions of the educational operators. Steve Jobs' statement that spoke in the new machine in an interview with CNN. "They said – explains Jobs referring to the talks with the educational world – your products are exceptional, but we need a 17-inch screen , we need G4 processors to run your applications faster. At the same time we want an all in one design that is not too big. We worked hard on these aspects and the eMac result, a computer that goes well from kindergarten to university "Jobs, urged on the possible risks posed by the development of a computer only for a segment such as school, said he was confident of commercial success : β€œIt is a rather large sector. Several will be sold "Jobs then enhanced the capabilities of the new eMac in the field of digital image and video" the main knowledge medium for young people today ", underlining how the applications it contains, iPhoto for example, they will facilitate learning and the ability to discover as well as the creativity of young people.Jobs finally said that the release date of eMac has been carefully calculated to coincide with the start of purchases in the didactic context. "If we are lucky we will have many orders," Jobs closed.

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