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Jobs: "Apple will accelerate iPhone development"

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Google wants to destroy the iPhone market, but Apple won't allow it. At Adobe laziness reigns and they do nothing to improve Flash and for this Apple does not support it in iPhone. Here are two of the "bombs" fired by Jobs during a meeting reserved for Apple employees organized shortly after the launch of the iPad and held on Friday in the conference hall of One Infinite Loop.

The meeting, a tradition when a new product is launched, was an opportunity to speak without formalisms and freewheeling of issues in the foreground in the press such as, for example, the relationship with Google and the reason why n in iPhone n in iPad there is Flash.

On Google Jobs he spent the harshest words, at least according to Wired who received from a (obviously anonymous) employee a story of what happened. According to the CEO, “Apple has no intention of entering the research market, while they have entered the telephony market and, nobody is wrong, their intention is to kill iPhone. But we will not allow it. " Jobs then brought up Google's "unofficial" corporate motto: "don't be evil", literally "don't be bad", but perhaps closer in the sense of something like "don't do to others what you wouldn't want be done to you. " "This is bullshit (literally NDR)," roared Jobs, receiving public approval.

Apple's CEO also attacked Adobe. “They are indolent – added the head of Apple -; they would have all the potential to do interesting things, but they simply refuse to do it. They didn't follow Apple's path; just see what happens with Carbon (Apple has repeatedly accused Adobe in the past of having refused to create applications written in the most modern Cocoa NDR). We do not follow them on Flash because it is sensationally full of bugs. Flash crashes when a Mac crashes most of the time. In a little while, no one will be using Flash anymore because the world is moving towards HTML5 "

In addition to what Wired reports, other details are added by MacRumors. Another of those present reported to the newspaper that deals with indiscretions of a Jobs committed to reassuring employees about Apple's intention to accelerate the development of the iPhone, bringing it at a speed that makes it impossible for Google to keep up. A first qualitative leap will take place with the next iPhone which according to the CEO will represent a very important qualitative leap ("A + class", Jobs would have said, in Italian "from 10 with honors"). Apple will not forget the Mac world either: "the new computers of 2010 will take us to the next level", but nobody expects the arrival of Blu-ray in this new wave: "software is a real" mess "- Jobs added – , we will wait until sales take off seriously before embracing this technology. " A few flashes also on ("we were interested in people to integrate them into the iTunes team", Jobs pointed out); the CEO, finally, enthusiastic about iPad: "the most important product to which I have contributed with the iPhone and the Mac"