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Jeff Bezos is the richest according to Forbes for the third year

Jeff Bezos

Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) or less, billionaires continue to earn. The list drawn up each year by Forbes now has 2095 billionaires, down from 2153 the previous year and also a "slight impoverishment" compared to the average: 8 thousand billion on average, compared to 8.7 in the previous year.

As many as 1062 billionaires have seen their assets decline "both because of market turmoil and the coronavirus pandemic," he said. Forbes.

The United States of America still has the largest number of billionaires: 614 people, but China is making 456 people on the list. The richest person in the world, once again, Jeff Bezos, the founding entrepreneur, president and CEO of Amazon. Amazon CEO boasts personal wealth of 113 billion, placing it at the top of the list for the third time, despite the divorce with his ex-wife who received 4% of the company shares, equal to about 38.3 billion dollars .

Not a coincidence that the writer MacKenzie Tuttle (ex-wife of Amazon's founder) on the super-rich list now placed 22nd. Noteworthy the entry into the super ranking of Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, 293 new entry with an estimated net worth of $ 5.5 billion.

For the third year in a row, Jeff Bezos is the richest billionaire according to Forbes

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, once again in second place, with a personal wealth estimated at 98 billion dollars, increased by 1.5 billion compared to 2019. In fact, in the top places in the ranking, there are many mega-executives in the IT world, with usual known as Larry Ellison (fifth place with $ 66.2 billion) e Mark Zuckerberg (seventh place with a heritage of 54.7 billion dollars). Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, continues to "get along" quite well with its $ 52.7 billion worth of personal assets. Also Larry Page is Sergey Brin, they can live very well with a personal wealth of about 50 billion dollars each (13 and 14 in the ranking).