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Jedi Knight II advances

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Jedi Knight II for Mac is advancing by leaps and bounds. According to a press release released yesterday, the game has already reached the alpha stage and, although incomplete, is already in a playable version.

The announcement testifies to a very important effort to complete as soon as possible a title highly anticipated by Mac users, fasting for action games set in the universe of star wars for a long time, since the days of Dark Forces and Rebel Assault.

Jedi Knight II is developed in Mac version by Westlake Interactive who has already worked on some important conversions for our platform. At the moment the audio works, part of the 3D acceleration and the saving of the levels. All still quite buggy, but the fact that a little more than a month after the Westlake announcement is already able to offer a playable version certainly excellent news.

According to some sources Jedi Knight II will be shown in preview during the Macworld Expo.

Also during the day yesterday it was also learned that Omni Group, one of the highest companies with experience in the field of Mac OS X software, will have the task of creating versions for the new operating system of some games: Soldier Of Fortune II, Freedom Force, Incoming and Fallout. To these will be added a new title not yet detected.

Of particular interest is the assignment to Omni of the Mac OS X port of Fallout. The title was first released several years ago and was one of the latest MacPlay productions. Now the company, specialized in Mac games, has risen and decides to relaunch the title, set in a post atomic universe, also for the new operating system.