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Japan warns Apple

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Japan warns Apple logomacitynet1200wide 1

Japanese Justice, one year after the first signs, puts Apple in the sights again, accused of obliging retailers in the country of the Rising Sun not to sell apple products at lower prices than those officially advertised. the trade, after a 10-month investigation that also involved a search in the offices of the Japanese branch of Apple, issued an official document stating that the pressures had actually been applied in violation of some paragraphs of the local trade law. The Commission has not imposed penalties but invites Apple to suspend this practice which is configured as a violation of monopoly laws. In parallel, the same commission did not find evidence of possible "penalties" imposed by Apple on dealers who did not respect published prices. According to some sources, the Apple Japan re-representatives, on the other hand, would have gone so far as to remove the sales license to those who sold the iMac and iBook under cost.The Commission will continue to monitor the company's practices, monitoring its pricing policy and reports with dealers taking legal action if the case arises again.

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