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Jailbreak iPad Mini already executed, available soon for everyone

Jailbreak iPad Mini already executed, available soon for everyone


The iPad Mini Jailbreak has already been completed. We don't know when, but soon the procedure will be made available to everyone. We look forward to.

Have you already purchased the Apple iPad Mini?

Want to jailbreak iPad Mini?

At the moment not yet possible, but Muscliday has posted some photos on the net that clearly show the procedure Jailbreak on iPad Mini is already fully functional. Soon a tool will be made available for everyone to perform the iPad Mini Jailbreak quickly and easily.

As you can see, in fact, @MuscleNerd has posted an eloquent image on Twitter, which shows an iPad mini jailbroken.

This means that the jailbreak on the latest Apple tablet has already been successfully tested by MuscleNerd, perhaps also thanks to the presence of the A5 chip, easier to unlock than the new A6 and A6X used on the iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

In the tweet, the well-known hacker refers to a procedure that he calls failbreak and of which we still don't know much. At the moment we can only wait, hoping that the procedure for Jailbreaking the iPad Mini will soon be made available to everyone.

At the moment, however, everything is still with regards to iPhone 5. For now no news, we hope that something will move in the future, but the hopes are few. I'm afraid that for the iPhone 5 Jailbreak it is necessary to wait in late December or early January, just as it happened last year with iPhone 4S.

In any case, the first iPad mini jailbreak tool may soon be released: we will keep you updated.

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