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Jaguar also in Server version.

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Apple has chosen MacWorld to publicly announce consumer products, leaving out the pro ones perhaps for a later event.The renewed PowerMacs have not arrived (perhaps they will appear in a few weeks) but the Xserve were on the market recently, so much so that they certainly deserve a mention during last week's event. No announcement then for the next Mac OS X Server version.

Mac OS X Server 10.2 almost ready and will be, like Jaguar, on sale from August 24 for $ 499 in the 10 user version or for $ 999 in the unlimited version (there is also an upgrade to switch from 10 customers to the unlimited number – this link not yet active and therefore we do not know the price).

The news is fifty, but the main ones touch the new NetBoot and NetInstall based on the new Apple Open Directory system on all LDAPv3 servers, which makes life easier for users of Apple servers (Open Directory technology is part of Darwin and therefore is distributed through the Open Source project); Mac OS "Jaguar" Server will have the Mach 3.0 microkernel and BSD 4.4.

In the package, in addition to Mac OS X Server 10.2, there will also be Admin Tools, WebObjects 5.1 Deployment, Macintosh Manager 2, NetBoot, Developer Tools, Open Directory Assistant, Network Image Utility, QuickTime Broadcaster, QuickTime Streaming Server Admin, Directory Access, NetInfo Manager, MySQL Manager, ODBC Administrator, Disk Utility, ProcessViewer and the appropriate paper and electronic documentation. Note that Apple laptops (iBook and PowerBook G4) are not listed in the hardware specifications.