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Jack Dorsey (Twitter) does not have a PC, the reason is interesting

Jack Dorsey does not have a PC

Jack Dorsey does not have a PC, the founder and CEO of Twitter, one of the most innovative companies in the world does not use computers. But how does he work? He revealed it himself and the surprising explanation.

Jack Dorsey does not have a PC, the founder of one of the most innovative companies in the world, or rather two: Twitter and Square does not have a PC.

If you are the founder of one of the largest social networks in the world and CEO of a Silicon Valley giant like Square, can you do something without a PC? It seems impossible.

How can Jack Dorsey not use a PC?!?! He revealed it himself.

Jack Dorsey does not have a PC

Jack Dorsey doesn't have a PC, seriously

The CEO of Twitter was in Sydney, Australia, to talk about the company's new efforts to fight the trolls and fake news and to emphasize its commitment to being the social that amplify the most important conversations in the world. During this visit to Australia I am many curiosities that viewers wanted to ask Dorsey about Twitter and more generally about social and web security.

Someone asked him if he, Jack Dorsey, would cover the PC webcam with a piece of paper, the reference was to the famous photo in which you see the webcam of the laptop of Mark Zuckerberg covered with a piece of scotch. Dorsey's response was surprising

"I don't have a PC," Dorsey said.

A total silence fell on the intervening crowd, silence broken after a few seconds by the noisy laughter of a totally unbelieving journalist, the uncontrollable laughter that lasted until Jack Dorsey he explained why he didn't have a pc.

Because Jack Dorsey does not use a PC, the surprising explanation

"I do everything on my phone," added Jack Dorsey. The laughter and the murmur have stopped at this point. For me it is important because I can turn off notifications, and I can use one application at a time, so I only have one app at a time to manage and I can concentrate on what's in front of me instead of distracting me with everything I would see if you used it on a computer ”. in conclusion no pc for the CEO of Twitter, this for him the only way to really concentrate: turn off the notification, do one thing at a time and do it well, without distractions.

The CEO of Twitter also added that he is practically ceasing to use the keyboard, preferring to dictate what he wants to write on the phone. In short, it makes extensive use of voice recognition.

The founder of Twitter never ceases to amaze and once again shows an innovative character, even in everyday activities.

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