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iWork for iPad, usage impressions and image gallery

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Waiting for the iPad, many commentators (including those who write here) had claimed that iWork was one of the most interesting things. Apple's productivity suite put on iPad from day one means making it clear that the company led by Steve Jobs does not intend to make the tablet with the bitten apple a "toy" to watch movies and surf the web, but also give it a more serious and professional dimension. Goal achieved? Mostly s.

Many things change compared to the Mac versions. Because switching from iPhone to iPad is quite different: the larger screen allows more complex interactions, which are exploited to the full by the three software. Here is what we noticed in the first hours of testing of all three applications.

Good Apple has put in each of the software a document that allows you to view the functionality. at the same time a mini-booklet of instructions and a good template to understand how it works and start playing with the three software. Right choice.

Great The interface is really new, powerful and sometimes even intuitive. It requires experience: many thought about this when they said that iPad would have taken a step forward on what was already built with iPhone and iPod touch. How to switch from ping pong to clay tennis. Learning is worth it, the very powerful and excellent interface.

Labour intensive The system of import and export of files from the three applications laborious and limited. In practice, it is necessary to use iTunes, and therefore to our computer and not to third party computers, to make the different presentations, spreadsheets or Word or Pagaes documents available to individual programs. With synchronization, they are transferred to iPad and then imported. Ditto for export, unless you want to use other means (such as or email): it would not have been bad to be able to use at least one folder with automatic synchronization.

Is worth? Definitely yes. Can iWork replace the professional programs of a PC or Mac? Only in part, for the export limit, practically only possible via email or web, and for the much stronger one than the imports, only possible via personal iTunes.

Below is the iWork video presentation by Antonio Dini