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iWill, the App to never lose the thread of one's commitments, now also push

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iWill, the task organizer for the iPhone platform Hosted and implemented Sud Soft System, arrives at version 1.3 and introduces several new features.

The new simplified interface allows you to program a task by simply entering the name, subsequently it can be modified to provide it with a start and expiry date and any other detail. support for alerts and alarms has been added through push notifications and the possibility of purchasing a package of 500 notifications via App Purchase (the first 25 are free for demonstration purposes); there is also the possibility of sharing a task via SMS, a new appointment-type action, an icon that indicates the presence of multimedia elements in the task and one that indicates the presence of a warning associated with the task. The new task sharing function via SMS, just mentioned, is combined with sharing via email, social networks (Twitter and Facebook), and P2P network on a Bluetooth connection already present.

There are also several refinements (added: the possibility to modify the details of a context / project, the preference in the settings that allows not to show the GTD tasks in the calendar and the preference in the settings related to the behavior when deleting a context) and some bug fixes.

Among the most interesting features that have made iWill very popular, we remember the possibility of associating multimedia files to any commitment or activity, such as photos, images, audio and even movies. iWill also allows you to insert GPS tags within the commitments in this way as well as consulting the activities to be completed according to the day or week, it becomes possible to obtain the list of commitments that we can complete in the immediate vicinity.

iWill on sale for 3.99 euros