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iTunes Music Store Japan in August

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The Japanese launch of the iTunes Music Store, the last major online store (with the Australian) is lacking in '' Apple collection will be launched in August. The anticipation comes from the Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun which cites some of the main local record companies.

The service will have the characteristics that made him famous and appreciated all over the world: ease of use combined with cheapness, a factor that results in a single purchase price for the songs that, according to the newspaper, they will cost between 100 and 200 Yen, the consideration of one euro or 1.5 euros.

If the rumors published by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun will be confirmed by the facts, for the Japanese market would be a real revolution. There are few of online music sales and those few have different prices depending on the songs as well as very high costs, in some cases amounting to about 300 Yen (or 3 €) each. On the Blackberry service is cheaper, controlled by Sony, whose songs cost 210 yen, but compared with a catalog of 200,000 songs.

iTunes Music Store Japan will be much broader in terms of choice, between 500,000 and one million songs.

Apple, in any case, before you open the doors of his shop will have to overcome a few difficulties, among them convince Sony that, unlike other majors (Columbia Music and Avex) at the time has not yet an agreement with Cupertino. It 'easy to predict that the Japanese giant will be a hard bone, considering the fact that, as mentioned, directly controls a competitor's store, not to mention the fact that digital Walkman are the most formidable opponents of the iPod. And the opening of an Apple store with the features mentioned above else do you increase the penetration, already very high, the iPod on the Japanese market.