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iTunes: LP albums with extra content also arrive in Italy

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ITunes LP albums have also appeared on the Italian online store: new format for digital music albums created by Apple debuts with The boy Who Knew Too Much (cost € 12.99), Mika's new work.

The launch, well to be precise, takes place undertone: we are not dealing with a real integrated work, with graphics, videos, animations, texts and more that characterizes some American, English or French iTunes LPs, but with a simple collection of songs enriched from some graphic tinsel. A "son of a minor god", therefore, essentially determined by the fact that in our country it would still be impossible (for now) to propose a real iTunes LP for the well-known lack of an agreement between Apple and SIAE for the publication of video content. It is no coincidence that the section dedicated to iTunes LP albums in Italian iTunes is not yet present.

The boy Who Knew Too Much in any case fully included among the iTunes LP in almost all European stores that already have the ad hoc section: France and Germany in particular. Even in these countries Mika's special however identical to the Italian one, therefore devoid of films and animations. In the US, however, there are also some videos.

Returning to Mika's iTunes LP, we note the full-screen and animated cover that welcomes us, the user can navigate through a menu of 4 items: album playback, songs, gallery and credits. Mind we listen to the songs on the album so we can scroll through different artistic photographs of the author, different illustrated and animated books, read and explore all the material included.

The same album by Mika also available in traditional format, therefore not iTunes LP: starting from this link the album with only digital songs and without extra content offered at the traditional price of 9.99 euros.

Macitynet has created a photo gallery of the extra content of Mika's iTunes LP album: the images can be viewed from this page.

Thanks for the report to Fabio Liberati