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iTunes: from proper name to common name, sign of the times

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It was enough to observe this title given in the technical magazine BroadcastEngineering to understand that a revolution in progress, not only in the context of online digital music stores.

"BBC launches an iTunes experiment for TV and the Internet," reads the title.

This is an example, but we don't want to miss out on it: it happens more and more often that we hear nominal iTunes no longer as the market leader of legal digital music, no longer like the music system that does not require curious subscriptions, no longer a Mac and Win software that manages all of your music and then transfers it to the iPod … now "iTunes" has lost the Apple trademark status and has acquired the most popular definition of a common name.

How the Walkman lost its capitalization and became the name of the music cassette player that in the 70s and 80s we took with us, whether it was a Seiko, JVC or Panasonic brand and not a Sony, now the simplest operation, the " i of iTunes is already tiny and the formalities of becoming a common name are even shorter.

Why call jukebox, software, system, method something that everyone knows can work exactly with the ease and functionality of iTunes?

We hope that the legal department of Cupertino will not have a bad time, too narrowly interpreting the use of the word iTunes, evidently registered by them.