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ITunes clone for Linux

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ITunes clone for Linux – logomacitynet1200wide 1

It had to happen sooner or later: someone created iTunes-like software for Linux, complete with iPod support via firewire.

xtunes, this is the name of the software in question, still being tested and an Open Source product that can be freely downloaded from here

It is an almost total clone of iTunes, capable of even ripping MP3 songs and burning, and with the particularity of being developed with a plug-in architecture that will allow you to extend its functions.

Of course you need Linux with a recent kernel and the presence of a supported firewire interface.

Recall that the effort to "copy" Apple into its digital audio strategy is rampant on a large scale. In addition to Windows clones of the iPod software, even in the same world Linux has been trying for some time to read Cupertino's MP3 player and to create software that can manage audio like iTunes does

(By Marco Centofanti)

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