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iTunes 9.0.2 still blocks synchronization with Palm Pre

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iTunes 9.0.2 still blocks synchronization with Palm Pre – logomacitynet1200wide 1

With the latest version 9.0.2 of iTunes released yesterday evening, Apple has once again blocked the communication between its music management program and Palm's Pre smartphone. The news emerges from the community of US Palm users, initially reported on Pre Central and then also taken up by various sites dedicated to the world of Apple.

As with the previous Apple block, when Palm Pre users connect the smartphone to the Mac, iTunes starts running, in any case the paperback is no longer recognized as an iPod and does not appear in the list of connected devices. Recall that since the launch of the Pre in the United States, Palm has "disguised" the USB ID of the smartphone using codes that the USB Forum has assigned exclusively to Apple, as is the case for each manufacturer that participates in the supervisory body of the USB standard. Up to this point, every Palm move always followed an Apple update for iTunes that blocked synchronization. Palm requested the intervention of the USB Forum for a decision on the matter, denouncing the limitations imposed by Apple as not compliant with the spirit of sharing and interoperability of USB technology. The USB Forum, on the other hand, has sided with Apple, declaring that Palm has illegally used USB ID codes that the organization has assigned to Cupertino for exclusive use. The association has forced Palm not to use Apple's codes, also requesting clarifications on the company's intentions. Now all that remains is to wait and observe Palm's next move: will the company adapt to the USB Forum decision or will it once again run for cover, making changes to the Pre to guarantee communication with iTunes?

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