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iTrip FM never in the UK

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British echoes tell us that Griffin Technology's iTrip FM, presented during the Macworld Expo in San Francisco and soon on sale, will never see the light of day in His Majesty's country.

The iTrip FM applied to the iPod transmits the sounds contained in the Apple player to the radios in the immediate vicinity.

Section 1 of the 1949 British Telegraphy Act expressly prohibits the use of the 87.5-108 MHz FM range (and the iTrip covers from 87.9 to 107.9 MHz) for those who do not have a regular license issued by the authorities and know that Griffin's white gadget does not have a greater range at just over 9 meters (about the same as Bluetooth) radius seems not to be a factor of particular interest.

Griffin's British distributor, AM Micro, has already made it known that it will not import the $ 35 iTrip from the US parent company.

Given that practically everywhere, to use most of the frequencies, you need to have an authorization, perhaps elsewhere the same problem could arise for iTrip FM?