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iTMS Italian, here it is

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Despite missing the official announcement we can now be certain: Apple has kicked off the Italian iTunes Music Store.

Many readers, including Roberto Castelletta, Riccardo Zanon, Marco Sandri and Guido Guerceri, signal the appearance of more than obvious signs. Among these the most obvious is the disappearance of the notice of non-availability of the iTunes Music Store for our country when trying to connect to the store page and the appearance, instead of it, of a series of icons of countries including our .

Roberto Castelletta also tells us that by trying to connect to iTunes and entered the .Mac ID, he is asked for which country the billing is desired and among the proposed nations there is also Italy.

"Once Italy has been chosen – Roberto Castelletta tells us that he reported us in detail what is happening – in the popup menu that I was offered I found Italy and at that point I was directed directly to the Italian iTMS home page".

Previously, the men pop-up offered nothing but the already qualified nations, in addition to the USA, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Now, as can be seen from the image below (note also the Italian flag in the upper left), there are also options, in addition to Italy, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal and Spain.

At first glance it is, therefore, of the nations of the Euro; excluding the Nordic ones (Sweden and Denmark which, although part of the EU, do not have the common currency).

Some readers, like Marco Coco, also tell us that they have already been able to buy a song and how on the first page, in English and with men in the same language (no localization) there are songs by Laura Pausini and Gianni Morandi with related songs eclusive.

Below, in addition to the initial screen with the pop-up, there is also the new welcome page, with the flags of other countries including ours.

On this page of our Forum the impressions of use of our readers who have used the service in these first few hours.