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ITC 1500 Library

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ITC 1500 Library –

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ITC (International Typeface Corporation), one of the world's leading suppliers of custom fonts and fonts, has released the ITC 1500 Library. This large collection includes 1,579 fonts: three decades of "classic" typefaces, 245 fonts already present in the previous ITC Library and over 650 new fonts not yet available from other manufacturers. The complete characters can be previewed by connecting to the address:

The characters of the collection include new and old knowledge as well as "classic" fonts such as: Avant Garde Gothic, Franklin Gothic and Berkeley Old Style. In the collection there are also some fonts emerging in recent years such as Officina and the renewed "Conduit" family. the families of novice fonts, we find: Oldrichium (inspired by the calligraphy of Czechoslovak Oldrich Menhart), Batak (which is inspired by the culture of an island in Southeast Asia), Tickle (designed along the lines of the letters of the highlighter Sharpie, Cinderella and Jeppers, winner of an annual competition in the world of fonts organized by the Type Directors Club of New York City.The ITC 1500 Library will be available from the end of October on a single CD-ROM with the fonts completely unlocked and ready for use. The CD contains both the PostScript variants and the TrueTypes in Windows and Macintosh format. The CD includes a user license for 20 people and will cost 4,999 $ fi not in January 2003.

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