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Italians and energy savings: data collected with the Beeta app

Italiani e risparmio energetico: i dati raccolti con l’app Beeta

Less than one Italian out of two adopts good practices to reduce energy and water waste in the home, saving on bills. This was confirmed by the results of the analysis conducted by Tera di Conversano on a sample of over 1,000 Italian families who used Beeta, the first gamification app designed to spread the culture of energy saving.

First phase, lapp

Italians and energy savings: data collected with the Beeta app

From the data collected and proportionally projected on the national population, it emerges that only 45% of Italian families connecting PCs, televisions and other multimedia devices to multi-sockets, switch them off when the appliances are not in use; even if the remaining 55% did, there would be an annual energy saving of almost 3,000 GWh and about 700 million euros in utility bills (about 40 euros per family), with 1.3 million tons of carbon dioxide less emitted in the atmosphere.

Other interesting data emerged from the research the energy saving that could derive from the use of more efficient televisions; the case of the comparison between LCD and LED televisions that consume, on average, half of the former. In fact, if 41% of the Italian families that declared to use an LCD TV replaced a TV 40 with one of the same LED size, there would be an annual energy saving of over 500 GWh and about 115 million euros in the bill, over 200,000 tons less carbon dioxide.

As for instead waste in the water sector from the research it emerged that, among the Italians who prefer a shower over a bathroom, 43% do not stop the water jet when they have to soap themselves. Quantified in 10 liters of waste for each shower and parameterized to the weekly habits of households, the adoption of this good practice would allow a saving of over 70 billion liters of water, almost 180 million cubic meters of methane gas needed to heat it, over 140 millions of euros in bills and 350,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Second phase, the kit

Italians and energy savings: data collected with the Beeta app

After the first phase of spreading the Beeta app, the second phase of the experimentation conducted by Tera at national level started, which has as its protagonist the Smart Home kit just delivered on free loan to the 100 most frequent users of the application. The package consisting of the Beeta Box multiprotocol control unit to be connected wirelessly with sensors for detecting temperature, humidity, movement and CO2, a Smart Plug to automate the appliances in the home and an electric meter reader.

Once activated, thanks to the integrated algorithm, the system will allow each user to achieve maximum awareness of their energy consumption, on how energetic your home is and on the possible containment of costs through more virtuous behavior.

The control unit can also be connected to any sensors already in possession and communicates with the Premium version of the Beeta app, on which it is possible to monitor the efficiency of your home in real time. To understand if there are wastes or anomalies just check the lights and sounds emitted by the control unit or consult the app from your smartphone.

Download of the Beeta app and regulation

Lapp Beeta available on the App Store for iPhone and on the Play Store for Android. Find the respective links on the official website, together with the rules for joining the project.