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Italian wireless networks.

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Italian wireless networks. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

WiFi / IEEE 802.11b / AirPort, Telecom Italia (Telecom Italia Domestic Wireline, to be precise) and Albacom are rising in the air; With ViaSat, however, WiFi enters the car.A variant of the Alice ADSL offer, Alice Flash will be Telecom Italia's solution for individuals and companies who want not only to use ADSL but also the freedom to move within own home (or in the company) while remaining connected to the web without cables.The indicative price, as soon as we know more we will inform you adequately, will be 51 euros and small change per month including VAT (9 euros more than the Alice ADSL subscription), inclusive the rental of traditional ADSL equipment plus those necessary for WiFi (even the AirPort cards?), with 256 Kbps of download and 128 Kbps of upload.The operator Albacom (which is aimed only at companies) prepares a similar offer that it costs only a few cents less than Alice Flash, 50 euros, starting from next week. What is known now that the offers will be two: (Email protected) (4 service categories) Wireless e (Email protected) (640 Kbps download and 128 Kbps upload) Wireless. The specialists of the satellite alarm, those of ViaSat, instead invent the first wireless connection inside the car, it's called En.Joy but at the same time it launches the registered trademark "Internet Car". Actually, not much is known about the service mode and technique, we learn from the press release that "approaching a specially equipped service area, the on-board ViaSat terminal will be able to download sites to its flash memory Web, maps with updated traffic situations and other information that I can then use during the trip. "The description seems rather limited, which could relegate this novelty to the" expensive gadgets for expensive cars "area.

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