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Italian QT 6.0 for Mac Os Classic

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QT 6.0 Italian for Mac Os Classic –

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The Italian version for Mac OS Classic of QuickTime 6 has been available for a few hours.

The update, expected in July, was released in two different versions. You can choose whether to download the installer that allows you to select the components you want to use, or you can decide for the "stand alone" version which in fact is the complete package that weighs about ten megs.

At the moment, however, the use of "QuickTime Update" in Classic does not produce any results and if you have version 5.02 replies that no updates are available.

We remind you that QT 6.0 presents numerous novelties, among which the most relevant is the support of MPEG-4, a new evolution format of MPEG-2 that allows to substantially compress the movies without any loss of quality.

The Mac OS X Italian version of QT 6.0 was released a few days before the Macworld in New York

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