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Italian collector gets his hands on rare Apple Watch prototypes

Una collezionista ha acquistato rarissimi prototipi di Apple Watch

An Italian collector bought an assortment of some of the first Apple Watch prototypes, accessories produced before the actual official presentation in 2015 and decided that he would put them on sale after having them repaired.

Like any other hardware manufacturer, before presenting new products, the Cupertino multinational company manufactures various prototypes for internal use in order to verify the effective functionality of certain choices, and it also happens that sometimes certain functions are eliminated or modified from the final product aspects or characteristics.

The collector somehow managed to get his hands on six different Apple Watch prototypes. The man in question is an Italian, Giulio Zompetti; it did not reveal how it managed to get the prototypes but it could be accessories recovered in some way by people who deal with the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The prototypes are, in fact, broken but could be fixed.

Zompetti declares that he intends to repair the Apple Watch, he still reports that none of these highlights software differences and that alleged "tests" would allow to demonstrate that these are really prototypes, as Vice reports. The collector still explains that many of the key components present in the prototypes are intact and that he himself would be able to fix the Apple Watch. The intention is to sell them but the price has not been established, also because it is not easy to obtain an estimate.

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