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It will no longer be necessary to wait for the connection to send messages on WhatsApp

If there is no connection, no problem: WhatsApp will keep the messages in the queue and send them when the connection returns

Fackbook buys WhatsApp

Goodbye to the WhatsApp pinwheel and to the "send" button which remains gray when there is not enough connection. With the new update of the application it will also be possible to send messages in the absence of a network: as soon as the phone is connected again, the messages will be sent. I will stay in the queue offline, waiting for better times, without forcing the user to wait for something to happen with the app open under his eyes.

This is not the only news that they are releasing with the update, according to what MacRumors reports: the storage space settings, so that you can choose not to keep some types of documents at will (videos, photos, etc). To do this: Settings> Data and archive usage. After that, select the type of chat and choose to delete them from the chat.

Added to this is the possibility already active on Android of being able to send up to 30 documents at a time.


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