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iSync and iApps: towards total integration!

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The article explains how to abandon after a series of steps and synchronizations all third-party and "paid" software to use only Apple iApps and freeware programs for managing addresses, agenda and keeping "in order" all digital hub accessories thanks to Jaguar.

"Chapter One: IntroductionThe operating system on which I operate Mac OS X 10.2.1 with all the Software Update updates: here is a diagram of the starting situation and the arrival situation:

The following hardware is available: – PowerMac G4 – Ericsson T68i (for now not synchronizable since the incoming Bluetooth USB adapter, so the Palm acts as a "router" with the IrDA connection) – Palm M505 – Account .Mac

The management of the Favorites remains out, but if you have browsed the Web with Explorer and now you want to abandon it, know that if you install Netscape 7 he himself will take care of them, in one of the meanders of his menus.

I deleted Explorer to replace it with Netscape 7, then I created an AIM account to use iChat as well … And I also deleted MSN Messenger!

Chapter Two: Gathering All The Information Scattered For The Various Pim Hardware And Software And Conveying It In The Address Book (a long but effective title)

Besides Explorer and MSN Messenger, I no longer use Entourage and Palm Desktop … I replaced everything with Netscape, Mail, Address Book, iChat, iCal and now iSync.

– First Problem: Favorites. Solution: Already solved by Netscape 7 (see above).

– Second Problem: E-mail and email accounts. Solution: Mail has a convenient option to import accounts and emails with attachments and all the rest. It is then up to you to play the folders correctly.

– Third Problem: Agenda Appointments and Contacts Like all those who use non-congruent applications, I found myself in various scattered files, an address book on Address Book, Entourage and Palm Desktop and all "synchronized by hand"! …

Trying to synchronize back and forth I noticed that iSync takes the information from Address Book and iCal inserts it on the Palm and on the .Mac account.

What if we have an address book and appointments in the agenda on the Palm and want to insert it in the Address Book and iCal? Why with iSync not possible?

I discovered that the best situation is this: 1) Wherever the data is stored, it is better to transfer all the data to a single vCard format archive. In this way, all contacts are not grouped.

In my case I took all the data typed with the keyboard of the mac, with the keyboard of the mobile phone or with the pen of the Palm and I poured everything on Palm Desktop.I exported a text file from Entourage with Tab as delimiter of fields and Return for contacts and appointments. For appointments and mobile phone contacts I used the transmission via IrDA to the PDA. For all other appointments I used a text file. Once I made corrections and adjustments on Palm Desktop 4.0 I exported to vCard.

2) Open iCal and paste the various appointments from the large text archive.

3) Open Address Book and import the vCard.

The problems that have not been solved are 3: birthdays (which must be added by hand), groups (to be manually reset) and photos of people (added to the Address Book manually: with the FunnyPhone program on the Palm, GIF images are sent via IrDA and ringtones to the T68i. Then you have a face.gif file, to be inserted on Palm and from this it is sent to the T68i, with the subsequent obligation to associate each face with its name).

4) Delete the Palm address book (recommended a backup first)

5) Delete the phone book (as above)

6) Install iSync and its Palm Sync module

7) IMPORTANT: To run the Palm with iSync you need to set the conduits in HotSync Manager, and make sure that Address Book and Appointments have the default action "Do nothing". Then in the iSync conduit, activate the address book management (Address Book ) and Appointments (iCal).

8) Open iSync and the icons for e .Mac, Palm and the Sync button will appear (the T68i will be seen with the Bluetooth adapter for Mac)

9) Press the .Mac button, connect to the internet and register a .Mac profile with iSync then activate .Mac synchronization

10) Press the Palm button and activate Palm synchronization

At this point DO NOT PRESS THE Sync BUTTON but press the button on the Palm cradle, under penalty of the appearance of an annoying window, which will never disappear, even if you put the check "do not warn again"


On the Palm are your Address Book contacts and iCal appointments. All "backed up" who knows where on Akamai in the form of a .Mac account, and at this point you just have to use the utility that .Mac has given you: BackUp 1.2 to have it also on your CD or DVD.

PS I propose to the Open Source community or to Apple itself of the changes: – Elect a browser (Mozilla?) And from its foundations create iBrowse– Change the name of Address Book in iContacts– Change the name of Mail in iMail– Change the name of iCal ( I don't like it, but since I have no alternatives, I keep it …) – Since I paid a lot of euros for Mac OS X 10.2 and .Mac recommend a good psychoanalyst …

In a year, create an application that integrates iBrowse, iMail, iContacts, iChat, iCal and iSync. After all, Entourage and Palm Desktop were convenient for this: you could manage contacts, emails and agenda in a single application. "