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iSub at 30,000 lire

iSub at 30,000 lire logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iSub is finally available also in Italy and the Apple Store launches it on the market with a very interesting promotion: only 29,900 lire when purchased in combination with an iMac DV. A net saving of almost 240,000 lire that cannot fail to appeal to everyone those who are considering buying one of the low-end desktops also for multimedia use such as watching a movie or playing some playful title.We remember that iSub is a subwoofer by Harman Kardon, specifically designed to integrate the audio capabilities of the 'iMac. The wide frequency response (from 46Hz to 200Hz) and ?the 20-watt amplifier – says Apple – ensures your computer has extraordinary sound power and with the performance of the 6-inch woofer you will hear the floor jump: ideal for fans of the genre or to enjoy game sessions to scream. " The speaker case stylistically very innovative and entirely made of transparent plastic. ISub connects via USB and "picks up" the lower frequencies leaving the two small front speakers of iMac the task of transmitting the higher frequencies. provides an expiration date of the offer that started three days ago but was put online only yesterday. Those who already own an iMac DV can buy iSub directly from the Apple Store for an amount of about 270,000 lire including VAT. Free shipping.MacProf a few days ago published the first Italian review of iSub

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