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iShell for Mac OS X coming soon

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iShell for Mac OS X coming soon – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Tribeworks feels a little tight between the programs that are slowly populating the offer for Mac OS X: now that Photoshop 7 is also out there are no more excuses, and the fact that other authoring applications will not be valid Bring on the new OS: Users expect software growth in the future.

So from May 1, users who have registered for the Gold and Education program and those who belong to the Silver program will take advantage of a special offer will have a preview of the brand new iShell 3.0 for Mac OS X.

The offer consists of the combination of the Silver TribeWorks software with Videoclix (an application that can easily create interactive movies for the web in Quicktime) at 975 US $, with the effective saving of the cost of VideoClix itself which is normally marketed for $ 500.

To find out more, visit this page on the TribeWorks website

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