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Is the war between Apple and Microsoft back?

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The cannon salvo fired by Browne, head of the Mac unit of Microsoft against Mac OS X and Apple and of which he has, or reported this morning, would be the first shot that announces a battle that could be long and capable of bringing back high the tension between Redmond and Cupertino.

To advance the hypothesis that the suspicious timing with which Microsoft has put forward the hypothesis that Mac OS X is going badly and that consequently also the partners derive negative consequences, is not that only a part of an overall strategy, is advanced by C / Net. In fact, according to the technology information site, Microsoft has begun to worry seriously about Mac OS X and the determination with which Apple is pursuing its development and is taking measures for a counter-offensive.

It will therefore not be a coincidence, C / Net always underlines if in this week of the Macworld Microsoft has presented the details on Corona, codenamed Windows Media 9 Series, its new multimedia suite. And it will not be a coincidence that within the week we will learn of a new and unspecified project that always concerns multimedia. It is obvious that Microsoft, according to some analysts, is trying to steal the show from Apple in its main field of interest in a fundamental week like that of Macworld.

Next to this, as proof that Microsoft has changed its understanding and deferential attitude towards Cupertino, there is the news that today begins a period of absence from work that will last three months of Kevin Browne, head of the Mac unit. Usually Browne was one of the protagonists of the keynote of Jobs, with extras on stage to present news for Mac.

According to C / Net the responsibility for everything there would be some moves implemented by Apple. For example, in Redmond it seems that the lack of appreciation for the help offered to improve Mac OS X has not been greatly appreciated, which resulted in choices that bring Cupertino on a collision course with Microsoft's fundamental strategies. For example, the decision to include iChat, which is compatible with AOL Instant Messanger, took the managers of the Windows by surprise. The switchers campaign that is considered too irreverent towards the PC world is also provoking great irritation at the highest levels. But what, according to some sources deemed reliable by C / Net, is worrying Microsoft to the point of making someone Jaguar lose sleep as a whole. "You have no idea what sort of cultural paranoia is cultivated in here," an anonymous told C / Net.

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