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Is Macworld heading for Boston?

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Macworld could migrate to Boston. The hypothesis, which is proposed cyclically by various media, has returned to turmoil in the past few hours after the announcement of an increase in the rental costs of the Javits Center premises.

According to the New York Post newspaper (usually quite inclined to gossip, but credible here) next year the fee for the three days of the Expo would levitate from 10 to 12% thus exceeding 700,000 dollars against the current 650,000, a figure deemed unacceptable for the management of the Expo headed by Macworld.

In addition to this factor, it should be considered that even exhibitors, visitors, journalists and the whole universe that revolves around the Expo have always considered the Manhattan event held in one of the most expensive cities in the world expensive. Also for this reason, the number of stands and the resonance of the event is lower than that held in San Francisco.

In the face of everything, the organizers would only expect a good opportunity to migrate the exhibition elsewhere, bringing it back to its original location in Boston, from which it moved five years ago, a good opportunity that would now be on the horizon, represented by the inauguration of an ultra-modern convention center.

The managers of the new facility would offer Macworld Expo the opportunity to use the spaces free of charge for a certain number of years, which is a strong incentive. If a certain number of free hotel rooms also enter the agreement, the deal could be made and by 2004 the Macword would return to the "city of beans".

The loss of Macworld, the most important technological event on the east coast, would represent a setback for New York but also significant economic damage for the city. The armature determined by the review is calculated at 4 million dollars, more than 4 million euros