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Is it worth downloading content from Netflix?

The option guarantees high video quality and low memory consumption, here are some examples to decide how many episodes to download each time

And so Netflix also gave in: its contents are finally available for download and therefore for offline viewing even away from wifi and without a cellular data connection.

This is excellent news for binge watching enthusiasts, and in general for anyone like commuters or travelers who are often in a position to stay away from home.

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But it is worth clogging the memory of the devices downloading movies and TV series or basically just set the quality of streaming at a low level and continue to use the cellular network of your operator more carefully?

From the first tests we carried out, the advantage is there: you can see the same amount of data consumed the quality of the videos seems to be superior when the content was downloaded. According to the Netflix help page, in fact, up to 3 gb are needed to stream an hour of high quality content; to consume less, you need to enter the app and artificially limit the quality of the video stream, with results that immediately become visible to the naked eye on the screen.

Different speech for the download, which offers a graphic quality comparable to the Full HD mode just taking up 300 MB of space on the phone or tablet per hour of videos obtained. Short episodes (from about 20 minutes) of series like Death Note weigh therefore from 80 to 100 MB each, while films lasting two hours slightly exceed 500 MB.

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Unless the device is seriously short of memory, the option to download away from home therefore always seems preferable, as long as remember to clean up the episodes and movies downloaded after they were seen.

Watch out for the ability to download videos not guaranteed on all gadgets and, even when the smartphone or tablet model supports it, for obvious rights issues not all content can be saved in memory. A special section within the app brings together all the films, series and documentaries available for download; others point out from the company will arrive in the coming weeks, while the remaining good streaming is needed for the rest.


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