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Is EMac officially on the channels?

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Could eMacs soon become a product like any other and be available to all customers at all retailers?

The eMac's exit from the (golden) ghetto of the educational sector is predicted by the site dedicated to the Thinksecret rumors that the announcement is imminent.

Thinksecret does not specify the eMac configurations "for everyone", but it is likely that the models may differ from those available today. Even for prices the legitimate expect different levels compared to those present in the USA today

Outside the American market, always if the indiscretion were true, it is difficult to predict what will happen but you can try to make some assumptions.

At the moment the marketing policies of eMac are slightly different from state to state.For example in Italy eMac can already be purchased today by ordinary users even if the fact that there is no official education price set by Apple (but only an indicative price and decidedly "important") makes finding the best eMac purchase conditions a painstaking patience.

The same goes for educational customers, (professors and students of all kinds and degrees), who can also formally enjoy a discount but who must also be very careful in finding the retailer who offers them the most affordable price.

In the event that eMac should officially end up in channels, it can be expected that Apple will set a MAP (maximum advertised price) beyond which it will not be possible to go and that it will be expected to be lower than that now only recommended, making the purchase of the computer more transparent both for "normal" customers and for educational customers who would have a precise reference: for these, a comparison can be the price set by the Apple Stores in France and Germany where there is an education department for online sales.

Recall that since the launch many users have expressed great interest in eMac. The initial decision to reserve its sale at least formally only to the educational sector with the consequent non-publication of a price list, frustrates the purchase ambitions of those who, perhaps with space problems and needs for a considerable installed park, see in the machine, with 17-inch screen and G4 processor, an excellent "forklift" for non-intensive graphics and DTP tasks. In this context, eMac could take, albeit gradually, the place of the current 15 "tube iMac.