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Is Apple preparing a Mac to play?

Is Apple preparing a Mac to play? apple mac announcement for gaming at wwdc 2020 hypothesis

A high-performance Apple computer designed specifically for gaming: the controversial hypothesis of the Taiwanese Economic Daily News according to which at the WWDC 2020 in June the company could announce a specific MacBook or iMac for this market.

There is talk in a rather generic and confused way of laptops with large display or all-in-one desktop computers with prices that can reach up to 5,000 dollars, therefore a variant of the MacBook Pro from 16 or the customized iMac Pro of eSports.

Although it would be excellent news for gamers, at the moment there are no other rumors that support this thesis and the reliability of the Economic Daily News fluctuates between assumptions that have proven more or less accurate over time to others that instead have not even come close. to the truth

For one thing, in October the newspaper claimed that the AirPods Pro would be available in eight colors while instead, like the others in the same range, they only officially exist in white color.

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However, the argument is very hot and the interest in a possible expansion in the world of gaming for Macs expected for many years, without ever finding a real response. I grew up playing Doom, Quake and Starcraft on Macs for most of my life, said Rod Breslau, eSport colleague and player. During those years I was a loyal Apple user and I always hoped that the company paid proper attention to all those games. that my friends had the pleasure of playing on their computers (Windows, ed) while I could only watch them. That day never came and in the end I went to a PC without ever going back. Twenty years have passed and Apple has always remained on the same path without ever really worrying about the gaming community. They will need more than Apple Arcade to turn the situation around.

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