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iRobot Terra, the Roomba-style lawn mower that can be controlled with your smartphone

In fact, one wondered why, in a landscape in which robotic vacuum cleaners are now depopulated, a similar product was still missing, but capable of cutting the lawn. This is where iRobot Terra the robot mows Roomba-style grass.

The new robotic lawnmower uses an advanced mapping system to cut the lawn without the slightest effort. Instead of marking the lawn with boundary cables, as they do with many existing robots, the new robot uses wireless poles that guide the bot within the green perimeter.

iRobot Terra, the Roomba-style lawn mower

Beyond this peculiarity, just like a Roomba, Terra will automatically turn around the lawn cutting the grass, and returning to the charging base automatically whenever it is about to run out.

You can use iRobot with the appropriate application to plan the cutting of the lawn, fine-tune the height of the desired grass and specify the off-limits areas, so as not to destroy seedlings or the vegetable garden.

Unfortunately, Terra will not be available soon: it will arrive by 2019, but the trial launch will arrive soon in Germany and the USA. There is no guarantee that the project will be a success, and the list price is currently unknown. It doesn't seem to be cheap.