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Iris, "high definition" dock base for iPod by Meridian

Meridian launches Iris, a singular iPod dock base which, connected to an HD TV, can perform an appropriate upscaling on the videos of Apple's mp3 video player, displaying them in 1080i, 720p or 1080p quality on the screen.

The manufacturer of high-level audio components also throws itself into the iPod market, offering an accessory of undoubted interest.Iris compatible with all recent iPods with video functionality (and, more extensively, the iPods that can be used with Universal Dock), and with displays equipped with high definition connection; equipped with HDMI connector, component, S-Video and composite video, plus coaxial input, digital optical, headphone input and audio output.

There are three main buttons: one for selecting the source, the second for the video format, and the third for synchronizing the iPod with a computer via USB. The controls are also accessible via remote control, for greater convenience of remote use.

The quality of the image will certainly not be comparable to that obtained from a high-definition source, but we trust in the reputation of the British brand for a positive visual result, thanks also to the internal technology created using Marvell's Qdeo chip.

The cost of Meridian's Iris will be around $ 379.