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iPsycho, the manual of love psychology on iPhone and touch

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Today Valentine's Day, the day of lovers and just open the Internet, turn on the TV or read a newspaper to be invaded by eyes, ears and brains of terms such as love and falling in love. But what is love and how does it work on our feeling and on our psyche, above all how does our way of seeing things change in the context of a couple's life? The answer is certainly not easy to give, as evidenced by the work done and not yet finished by thousands of psychologists of all nationalities, but thanks to iPhone or iPod touch and a team of young specialists in the field of psychology, we can start, if nothing else to scratch the surface while also getting some practical tips for our daily life.

iPsycho: Love Manual, this is the name of the program, which arrived on the App Store in the past few hours, mainly aims to provide a sort of manual, in a psychological key, of couple life. It is an e-book, with 77 tips divided into 10 categories that cover the whole life of a feeling: knowledge, couple's life, the crisis, the return to being single.

iPsycho allows search by terms, and deals with certain topics such as the first approach, the fight against routine, non-verbal communication and much more. In each chapter we try to understand the peculiar aspect connected to psychological situations and we provide advice to read them in our specific context and the general one and as such it can be useful both to understand ourselves, our "him" or "she" ”, Why we make some choices instead of others and how we create the mental and mood situations that we live every day during our life as a couple.

iPsycho: Love Manual for sale for 79 cents