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iPod touch is not the child of the iPhone: that's why

Since the first announcement of the product, Macitynet spoke of iPod touch as "godson" of the iPhone and for several reasons that are slowly manifesting themselves to the general public and will be more evident when the model with the iPod touch-sensitive interface is available for testing. direct.

By simply comparing the screens of the two programs, it can be seen that Apple has left in the non-telephone version of its touch gizmo only those applications that do not foresee a "creative" direct use by the user: as in the iPods of the various generations that have followed so far, they can directly insert contacts, photos, emails, create documents etc. the iPod was born and continues to be a "Pod" that represents, shows, lists but which allows nothing more than the creation of playlists on the go.

The new programs available for iPod touch such as the Safari web browser and the one for YouTube movies are nothing more than reference tools without any (theoretical) ability to create content: the touch interface is just a new way of accessing it.

The iPod touch, as "pod" an extension of the computer and from the computer draws all its data without being able to provide n directly or indirectly.

iPhone revolutionizes the functions that Apple has reserved for its music players to date: not only does it have a navigation tool, but it has a sound creation and recording device, a microphone, an email creation program, a digital camera to stop images in his memory.

Only through the release of the iPod touch do we realize how Apple has in a certain sense forced its concept of iPod through the release of the first iPhone model.

This forcing in a way the way to increase interest in iPod touch: on the one hand thanks to Apple's development directives and on the other from the infringement of the directives themselves.

Apple has chosen for iPhone the ability to expand the capabilities not provided in the basic equipment through web applications, all perfectly accessible even from the iPod touch Safari navigation program: games, simplified access to services such as ebay, flickr, online chat, web mail that can remedy the lack of those "direct creativity" applications that we mentioned before.

The infringement of Apple's development guidelines is at the same time producing a series of applications that thanks to the common use of OS X in a touch version can be transported from iPhone to the new iPod.

It is from all these two factors that the iPod touch will be able to benefit from leaving its state of pure and simple browser or content manager decided by your iTunes on a computer or purchased from the new iTunes wi-fi that you will find on board at end of this month.

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