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IPod software, for Europe to version 1.2.2

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Apple yesterday released the update to version 1.2.2 for the iPod software.

The update, which follows on from 1.2.1 released last week but only for the US market, is proposed only for European users. It is, in fact, the patch that reduces the sound output from the headphones, required to comply with French law.

The transalpine country, as mentioned in a previous edition of our magazine, requests that the audio of devices equipped with headphones should not exceed 100 decibels, against the 104 allowed by the audio output of the iPod.

Obviously, Apple has preferred to release an update for all European countries, rather than just for France, by homologating the software on a continental scale.

The update, which weighs about 5 MB, contains all the news proposed by version 1.2 (compatibility with iCal, clock, new system for browsing the lists, etc. etc.) and the bug fix contained in version 1.2.1 which repairs a problem in the battery level display.