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iPod in Frequency Modulation

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“To connect iPod to the car radio or any FM radio you can use an FM Transmitter, that is a box to be connected to the headphone output of the iPod that transmits an FM signal which the radio tunes in… and voil, your car stereo plays your mp3.It is undoubtedly the best method for car radios with cd only, without cassette and without audio input jack.

Of the 4 that I have tested, in my opinion the best one purchased in kit from It is called 50mW FM STEREO TRANSMITTER KIT and they sell it both disassembled about 30 pounds and already assembled at 40 pounds, VAT and shipping included. The best thing is that as a British shop there is no customs to pay. I remind you that no special authorization is required to transmit at 50mW, therefore everything is legal.

An alternative of excellent quality Digital FM Transmitter by C. Crane but costs 100 dollars, plus shipping, plus customs (also calculate a nice 20% VAT plus 8 percent customs duty, all calculated on the shipping price included !!!! ). You can find it on this page.

Other models are on the market such as the Sound Feederdella Arkon, the iRock … but the quality is much lower.

Obviously these "magic boxes" can also be used for other purposes, for example it can be used in the home to transmit satellite radio to a stereo in a room other than the satellite decoder. In the case of purchasing a model with an unknown name you must check that it is stereo, because it is much more common to find mono FM transmitters, which obviously diminish the capabilities of Apple's digital device. "