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iPod for Windows at Macworld?

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iPod for Windows at Macworld? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The long-awaited iPod for Windows should arrive at the Macworld Expo. Analyst Charles Wolf said so in a note released to customers of Needham & Co., A market analysis company.

According to Wolf, cited by MacMinute, studies carried out on the MP3 player market show that the chances of success of an iPod for Windows would be very relevant, so relevant as to allow Apple to conquer a significant market share in the sector: 10% . If the data were correct, Cupertino could therefore derive an important turnover from this strategic choice, also considering the purchase price of the iPod which guarantees decidedly consistent profit margins.

Recall that the rumor of a Windows version of the iPod in circulation for a long time, more or less since the launch of the Mac version. Then Jobs said that there was no port for Windows. The success of some third parties that produce software that can make iPods on Win computers read, albeit rudimentary, and market pressure, according to some sites, would have convinced Apple to think otherwise.

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