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IPod case, unbridled luxury

IPod case, unbridled luxury

Three times what a 60 GB iPod photo or if you prefer 13 times an iPod shuffle. This is how much you should be willing to spend if you decide to throw in an alternative and exclusive case like those produced by Noreve.

The Saint Tropez company, a town that says something to those looking for luxury and exclusivity, has launched iPod Love today, a limited edition cover (only 20 will be produced) which has a list price of 1390 euros.

To raise the price to vertices, we can say it, unusual, not so much the leather or the possibility of choosing between eight colors, but the heart in pure gold sewn by hand with various diamonds set, work of the Schaming jewels, which embellishes the front of custody. The options include dry printing the skin with the name of the person you want to give the case to.

The order has waiting times of 25 days and, if you were wondering if the iPod included in the price the answer "no". In short, if you want to look really good with the gift, you need to buy it separately. But spending 1390 euros for custody, this will be the problem …