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IPod, at 20% of the market in Europe

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According to some US sites, Apple would have had great success with iPod, but the conquest of a market share that could be 5% in America would be nothing compared to that gained in Europe.

According to Vnunet France, in fact, the MP3 player in the old continent would reign supreme in the realm of gadgets for digital music and would control 20% of it.

The data, if confirmed, would be really interesting because it confirms that Apple is able to conquer the ground when it proposes new technologies and aims to conquer fields still partially unexplored, such as that of digital music.

Recall that originally the iPod, although recognized by everyone as a product of great interest from a technological point of view, was criticized for the costs too high compared to those of normal MP3 players. Apple, with an intelligent marketing operation but also updating its technological functions (iPod now able to manage addresses and appointments, the size of the disk has reached 20 GB), has found fertile ground.

The situation appears even more optimistic in perspective, given that the launch of the PC version will only increase the market penetration of the device itself. But it should also be said that the iPod itself could stimulate sales of Apple CPU since its full functionality can only be implemented when connected to a Macintosh.