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iPod and Real, only modified the "photo" model

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The only iPod that cancels the compatibility with the digital audio of Real the "photo" model. The clarification comes from the same Real and confirmed by Apple, as we learn by reading some American sites.

According to reports from the press, it seems to understand that the update signing released in mid-November and that affected the clickable iPod and the iPod mini does not intervene to cancel the possibility of listening to audio purchases on Rhapsody, the sales site online of Real. Similarly, old iPods, those with mechanical bezels and iPods with docks are still able to read files from the Seattle home.

Although the restriction is applied to a limited number of iPods, in any case, the choice to introduce a change capable of protecting the link between the iTunes Music Store and the player is a significant event because it signals Apple's intention to follow up on advanced threats last summer when Real launched Harmony, a program to make songs sold on its iPod store compatible.

Real, in any case, seems determined not to give up and would be studying a system to reproduce his songs even on modified iPods even if the race, at first sight, seems to be obstacles and potentially not in line with the right relationship between costs and benefits as also shown by the story of the discovery of the modification of the firmware, which suggests that the interest of iPod users towards Rhapsody is rather low.

Suffice it to say that the discovery of the incompatibility with the Real store was made almost two months after the appearance of iPod photo in American stores, a time far superior to what would be expected in the case of even a minimum number of users interested in buying music from Real and use it on iPod.