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iPod and iTunes, seven books to get to know them better

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The iPod Christmas gift par excellence. iPod almost cult object. iPod status symbol. iPod driving the digital music economy. These are some of the phrases that these days have often accompanied, even from Macity, the news concerning the Apple player that, in fact, with millions of copies sold and an image and a resonance that exceeds the limits of the niche of consumer electronics , today a global phenomenon. It is inevitable that such a product would generate, together with interest and curiosity, a real ecosystem made not only of accessories, but also of books dedicated to it.

The series of volumes that have a very long iPod and iTunes in the middle and, in particular if one turns to publishing in English, there is a bit of everything: from those destined to the plethora of novice users simply looking of something more than an instruction manual to those for the curious who are looking for the most hidden secrets of hardware and software to end up with those dedicated to real fans.

Among the many Macitynet he chooses seven to recommend to his, certainly many, readers who have purchased an iPod and are looking for some help to learn more about their "precious" companion for digital music. Each book accompanied by a link to purchase on Bol (sponsor).

The first two that we feel like suggesting, if only because we are an Italian site that addresses an audience that speaks our language, are the only two books specifically for our market. It is about All crazy about iPod , by Lucio Bragagnolo (Tecniche Nuove edition, 9.90 euros) and by My little iPod (Mondadori Informatica, € 20.80) by Christopher Breen.

All crazy about iPod , among the two probably the most interesting for Italian users. The author, Lucio Bragagnolo, not only a well-known journalist from the Mac world, but also one of the most competent who makes his knowledge of the player player available by examining all the potential of iPod both in music and as a hard disk. In 189 pages you make a complete and exhaustive journey into the digital music player universe and you reach your destination knowing everything you need to know to get the most out of it.

My little iPod the Italian edition of Secret of iPod, one of the most successful volumes in English and the author, Christopher Breen, journalist of Macworld USA, a guarantee. Here too we pass from the discovery of the reader to move on to its basic use to end up with "specialist" uses. Interesting chapters dedicated to connecting iPod with home stereo, in the car and the one about buying music from the iTunes Music Store.

As mentioned most of the books on iPod are not in Italian, but in English. Those who have mastered this language will find a large number of volumes dedicated to it.

The most popular and complete, useful both to those who start and those who think they have exceeded the beginner's limit and are looking for something more, iPod & iTunes, The Missing Manual (O’Reilly, 21.74 euros). Part of a hugely successful series (The Missing Manuals, in fact) stands out for the update for the decidedly discursive approach. Without going into technicalities and almost like a novel, the author, Jude D. Biersdorfer, tells all about the iPod, seasoning the narrative with a dose of measured humor. Of course, even those looking for something new and useful to do with iPod will find it. The section dedicated to buying music on the iTunes Music Store is important and very substantial.

Very particular and decidedly oriented to those who go far beyond the simple use of iPod as a player to connect to the Mac Hacking iPod and iTunes (John Wiley & Sons Inc, € 21.77). The book presents over 100 tricks and hidden secrets of the iPod but also and above all unusual uses: using iPod on Linux, modifying the internal database, creating adventure games or changing the battery. There is no lack of practical tips and secrets on the iTunes Music Store to which the second part is dedicated. The real strength of the book for its ability to introduce topics that are sometimes a little difficult with simple language and accessible to all.

If you are looking for a middle ground and a volume that will accompany you from the basic use of iPod to the most advanced features, the volume it could do for you Absolute Beginner Guide to iPod and iTunes (Que, 21.38 euros). The book (almost 400 pages) starts from the beginning, from the image and the fame of the iPod, to move on to the simpler use to end up with the more complex and less frequent perspectives on the part of those looking for only a music player, Detailed examples explaining the iPod as a mini-PDA or to store digital photos.

In our list could not miss iPod for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons Inc, € 22.80), a book that belongs to another very popular series (after the Missing Manuals series) and that a great following was also won in Italy. The volume, which studied, as the title says, for the "tonti", has a decidedly ironic approach but in this too very clear. To note the nice and in a useful time the section especially dedicated to "those who understand little", where there are explanations in "current English", the chapter "put us in and get us out" (which then explains, in practice, how to load and listen to music) and a series of pages between the humorous and the useful.

Latest book of our ideal library dedicated to iPod and iTunes the latest iPod Fan Book (O’Reilly, € 14.35). Small, compact, handy, the book by a Japanese Yasukuni Notomi that made the iPod one of his reasons for living. Built as a manual to always carry with you and to consult as necessary, the perfect book for those who choose, as the presentation of the same booklet, a life in iPod style. Although the basic purpose is to teach you how to use iPod, there is no lack of in-depth chapters on accessories, the use of iPod in combination with stereo and cars, how to download audio tracks from DVDs. Since the author a Japanese does not miss even some advice on how to turn iPod into a small pocket karaoke system, using the "notes" function to store song lyrics.