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iPod, accessories as if it were raining

The business of iPod accessories has grown to the point of representing a market in its own right, with millions of dollars in sales each month and hundreds of producers who are churning out new products every day. This can be deduced from reading an article in the Washington Post that provides some very explanatory figures.

According to a survey conducted by Envisioneering Group the universe of accessories for the player reached a turnover of 2 billion dollars, which means that, on average, each buyer of iPod spends about 150 dollars for the reader to customize, with cases or additional devices, the reader.

While at the beginning of the iPod's commercial life it was above all Apple that had the most success in this field, today only 23 accessories come out of Cupertino, whereas at the beginning of the year (as stated by Apple) the number of products destined for the reader was 500, a figure that could almost be duplicated at the end of the year.

Having an idea to launch on the market, partly due to the large number of iPods on the market, certainly due to the image the player enjoys on the market, means almost certainly success. Among the cases cited is that of, which succeeded in placing on the market as many as 1000 overalls for babies with an iPod wheel.

Among the most sensational and economically interesting cases, the name of Harman Kardon is mentioned, which in a year sold half a million audio systems and various accessories for the iPod.