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iPig: how to track expenses while having fun

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iPig: how to track expenses while having fun –

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Available a few days ago on the Italian AppStore and already jumped to the thirty-second place in the ranking of best-selling applications in the Productivity category, iPig is a tool to keep track of your expenses. Nothing new, it would be said, but not entirely true: something that makes iPig different from other similar utilities that crowd the AppStore there. No keyboard, no numbers to type, no aseptic menus that make you an accountant and that after a while completely make you want to report expenses.

iPig offers a very simple interface, all with icons to touch on the iPhone screen. To manage the entire program, simply touch the image of a category, a coin or a banknote or the piggy bank that gives the name of the application. Of course, those looking for a more technical tool, capable of processing graphics, trends, exporting data in different formats, will turn to more complete applications. iPig remains a tool halfway between profit and pleasure, which has the merit of making personal accounting less boring.

iPig proposed on the App Store for only 79 cents.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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